Ky Derby

As I was just about to leave the Naples-Fort Myers Dog Track (thats my betting home) a gentleman asked me who I liked in the race.  As I had much more grey hair than he did (he mentioned that I had probably been doing the horses longer than he) he thought I might have a good opinion.  I told him who I liked in the race and at the end of the conversation I told him one more thing.  Watch out for Borel.  He is the most dangerous jockey out there on long shots.  Remember Denis of Cork last year?  I had the trifecta last year only because I put Borel (not Denis) in my tri.  I did not have the tri this year but I did a win saver bet on Borel (not the Bird).  The track sucked on Saturday and on a track like that, with the low quality of horses that ran in the Derby (I had said before, it was the survivors, not the best horses that were runing) anything could happen.  Wicked Style, we forgive you.  Please don't go to Santa Anita to sing.  We aren't worried about you appearing nude, we just think you don't have the voice for the Trashmen Classic "Everybody know's that the bird is the word."  See you all at the Preakness as this should draw a much better field than years past.

Road to the Roses

Its Triple Crown time and the Road to the Roses is in full swing.  Can someone please tell me how someone can have forty nine points already.  I mean I really suck.  I'm at sixteen.  Last year I had an excuse as I missed the first week.  This year I'm on time and it seems like my stable sucks, my jockies suck and my trainers suck.  I wish I would have been late again this year.  I could blame it on that and not on me.  If your in it, good luck.  If you have more than sixteen points, please tell me how you do it :-)

Very Interesting

In case you haven't seen this, here is a link to an article by someone near and dear to us.   Read it and see what you think.  It's innovative (that's code for I haven't decided if I like it or not) and could result in better quality races, bigger fields, and better payouts.  Take a look.



Fan Dedication?

I'm not sure if this is a fan that is a) dedicated, b) too dedicated, c) crazy.  You be the judge.




Season's End?

I've enjoyed reading from those who had a good day Saturday.  I probably had my worst day ever.  I over thought, over handicapped and over bet the fourth through the ninth races.  I'm not ready for prime time, well, synthetic tracks anyway.  And I sure have trouble trying to figure out foreign horses.

Looking back on this year's races and horses brings to mind three highly hyped runners that sure didn't finish the season at that level.  I remember, and I'm sure you do too, the commotion over Pyro.  He didn't quite live up to his early billing.

Another one we heard a lot about for a short time was Harlem Rocker.  He was supposed to be the new Curlin it seemed.

And then the one that was going to beat everyone in the world, Casino Drive.  I think he was lucky he couldn't run against Big Brown in the Belmont.  He may have done worse and saved Brown from finishing last.

It amazes me how horses can look so good one day and then they can look so bad.  I guess it goes to Curlin's credit that he looked so good most of the time.  What a pleasure it has been to have seen him run for these two years.

I know this will be controversial but my horse of the year is Zenyatta.  She was just so impressive and especially last Friday.  What a great horse and what a great race.  She puts those ears up and goes about her business.  Some will say she never beat the boys but then Curlin never beat the girls (i.e. Rags to Riches).  She's undefeated and she gets my vote even if my vote means nothing.

I've taken a blood oath never to play a synthetic track again.  The oath, of course, should only last for, say. a month or maybe less.  I'll be glad when Churchill opens and I hope the betting problems are worked out so my outlet down here in Florida can carry the simulcast.  Congratulations to everyone who did well Saturday and may good luck continue for you. 

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