The biggest detriment to the sport of Horse Racing was allowing someone with zero tact to pen his opinions and attack others on the internet.  Octane The Mane has zero credibility and has an ego the size of Texas to boot.  Writing frivolous blogs about Robert Evans, Andy Beyer, Steve Crist, and the list goes on is a cowardly move, one that if he ever met these people in person his head would be so far up there asses that if they made a quick left he would snap his neck. 


Lets rewind back a few months when the Mane was penning on the greatness of Pyro or how Afleet Alex's progeny will dominate the Kentucky Derby shows the nonsense that comes out of this so called mans mouth.  If their ever was a horse that beat up on such a weak three year old crop it was Afleet Alex. 

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Screw Beyer

Kent Desormeaux did something neither Jose Santos or Stewart Elliot could do when they rode their respected Preakness winner:


He didn't pour it on, he geared the horse down and the Beyer Speed Figure of 100 proves that the number is worthless...









Big Brown

Kent Desormeaux

Richard Dutrow, Jr.

IEAH Stable and Paul Pompa, Jr.




Robby Albarado

Steve Asmussen

Midnight Cry Stables et al




Javier Castellano

Tom Albertrani

Darley Stables



Afleet Alex

Jeremy Rose

Timothy F. Ritchey

Cash is King Stable



Smarty Jones

Stewart Elliott

John Servis

Someday Farm



Funny Cide

Jose Santos

Barclay Tagg

Sackatoga Stable



War Emblem

Victor Espinoza

Bob Baffert

The Thoroughbred Corp.



Point Given

Gary Stevens

Bob Baffert

The Thoroughbred Corp.



Red Bullet

Jerry Bailey

Joe Orseno

Stronach Stables



Big Brown was geared down and if Meaux had poured it on than he would have shattered the track record.  How the hell does he get a Beyer of 100?  Look at the times supplied above.  Most of these horses obtained Beyer's between 107-118, yet Big Brown gets a 100? 


I'm calling bullshit, obviously Beyer has some sort of vendetta against this horse because he has done everything he could in print to discredit him.  Screw that Bald Headed geeky bastard. 

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Response to Octane The Mane:

Since I do not want "Rave" to delete his post after I post the link to the quote I supposedly made up I will supply his exact verbiage:


"The revised statistics are based upon injury reports from a limited number of racetracks and represent a reporting period of less than one year at some racetracks.  Therefore, it is important to remember that these fatality rates are just a snapshot in time from a less than statistically significant number of tracks, and cannot be considered scientifically conclusive at this point."

Down-the-S**thole Dan


Here is the actual article, full text, from which I drew my quotes for the previous post on "The Breed is Weakening:"  No where does the above quote appear in this article, nor any verbiage even remotely resembling it.  It appears as if DTS Dan made it up.

However, if there is another article in a different racing publication on the identical subject using the idential Subject Matter Expert as the source, I would appreciate someone pointing it out.

Also, if any of you boys or girls has a,, or account that came not only with your own teller machine, but your very own personal teller, and includes waitresses who come to your home and serve you lunch and cocktails, please let me know where I can sign-up for those services, as well.

Effing retard ...



Here is the link, please go down to links 8,9, and 10 to see what the good Doctor said:

Also, Rave you pointed out that racetracks have no overhead nowhere did you state that you were implying about ADW's but since we are on that subject did the horsemen contribute to the IT personnel that need to monitor the system, or the routers, and hubs that are used.  Do they pay whatever wagering (Scientific Games or United TOTE) platform Churchill uses to tie into there TOTE pools?  Do the horsemen pay for the telephone operating system or a live operator?  You obviously never ran a business in your life so please do not sit here and patronize certain comments when you do not have the slightest clue of a successful business platform.  JACKASS!

Poor Rave, you are still Dazed, Confused, but most of all "BITTER" 



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Dazed, Confused, but most of all "Bitter"

This was from Rave's "For the Dazed and Confused post:


"Yet, these legal bookmakers with minimal overhead and no risk still feel they are entitled to 16.5 percent of the gross, and the horsemen only 3.5 percent!  As I said last time: Evans, Stronach, et al quite possibly are the biggest bunch of theives in the history of the sport of horse racing"



That comment shows the arrogance of a person who is writing out of frustration.  MINIMAL OVERHEAD!  Lets breakdown what these legal bookmakers actually have to payout:


  • 1. Tellers
  • 2. Food Cost
  • 3. Alcohol
  • 4. Waitresses, Waiters, Cooks, and over the counter help.
  • 5. Guest Service Personnel
  • 6. Property taxes
  • 7. Tote Machines
  • 8. Grounds Crew
  • 9. Racing Office
  • 10. Parking Attendants
  • 11. Security


What do the horsemen have to pay out?  The racetrack supplies them stalls on track, owners pay the feed of the horse, so what do they have to pay out?  That's right, a couple of people that help them (hot walker, groom, etc,) 


Please tell me how this justifies that the horsemen should have a bigger take.  You don't see owners crying foul here, only greedy trainers. 




He lost 114 million last quarter, who was he robbing?


Than Rave goes on to bash Crist, Beyer, Moss, and Shuback in his latest blog and he even tries to throw in a quote from Dr. Mary Scollay.  Well here is Dr. Mary Scollay's actual quote:


"The revised statistics are based upon injury reports from a limited number of racetracks and represent a reporting period of less than one year at some racetracks,"  "Therefore, it is important to remember that these fatality rates are just a snapshot in time from a less than statistically significant number of tracks, and cannot be considered scientifically conclusive at this point."

Here is a suggestion Octave:

It is very easy to sit behind your computer and attack the opinions of others and never throw yours out there.  Bob Costas did an entire segment on his latest show with a panel of respected sports journalists talking about blogging and how most bloggers have no sort of basis or background to stand on ala "you"  Your blogs are not only embarrassing yourself but also this community. 





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How many of us watched Eight Belles break down, felt horrible for about ten minutes and than turned the pages of our program to bet the next race?  Lets not bullshit each other here, although her breakdown was sad nobody threw there program to the floor and swore never to bet another horse race.  The people at PETA are wasting there time, nothing will change and people will forget, they always do. 


If they ever were to install a synthetic track at Churchill I would never bet the track again.  Are people out of there minds with the breakdown crap.  "Well, of the eight synthetic surfaces in the US there are only 1.47 fatalities every 1,000 starts compared to the 30 and more dirt tracks with fatality rate of 2.03 per 1,000"  In three more years this bullshit of synthetic surfaces will finally be over.  They will see that the breakdowns will be the same and that synthetic surfaces will actually cause more injuries than dirt tracks.  Here is a link to read all about synthetics:



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