A Pass for Rave...

I never give you recognition for anything but I will give you Kudos for accepting that challenge on the FOY card and it was terribly full of Maiden races and was a very tough card that I myself passed on... When the timing is right and you find a card that is playable take a stab again...

For you "Rave"

Okay so I have absolutely had it with you "Rave" and your post yesterday which you stated,

"They've been giving away money at Gulfstream Park!  When I say giving it away, I mean you'd have to be a drooling retard to be losing for the meet, assuming you bet the track every day, to the exclusion of all others.  Only then could you be acutely aware of the unusual racing nuances set-in-stone from Day 1 at that meet that have reduced handicapping to child's play"

So I want to know where they have been giving it away.  I am at Gulfstream every damn day and don't notice any nuances except for maybe once a week. 

So I am throwing a challenge out to you and let's see if that big mouth of yours can produce. 

On Saturday I want you to give us a list before the 1st race of your plays that day or you can go race to race.  Most likely you will not accept this challenge and find some ridiculous excuse as always not to accept this. 

It's time to stop "Raving" and man up here. 


Derby Futures...

Here we go again and if you are a fan of either Dunkirk or Pioneer of the Nile you are an idiot.  Dunkirk is a rat and will not even make it to the gate and Pioneer has a 6th place finish written all over him... 

Hey Yawl-

Well I have been hanging at my second home, the Palm Meadows Training Center and lots of exciting stuff going on here.  What I could not get over was someone on here saying that "Desert Party is the second coming"

I remember a certain someone calling Pyro the second coming last year and bashed Indian Blessing.  Well Indian Blessing will most likely get an Eclipse award "again" and Pyro turned out to be a donkey. 

 No one can touch the Larry Jones trained "Old Fashioned"  He is what we like to call in this game "Freakish"


Curlin Who?

I find it hilarious when I hear track fans or writers refer to Curlin as this horse of the century.  It is downright pathetic.  In my eyes he is not even the best horse of this past decade.  He actually ranks fourth in the past ten years on my list. 


  1. Invasor- One career loss, Won on three different continents, and was untouchable when he came to the US.  By far the most underrated horse of my generation
  2. Tiznow- First Cal Bred to win the Classic and first horse to win two BC Classics'.  When the Euro's like Sahkee and Giants Causeway dwarfed our competition Tiznow repelled both and humbled European trainers about coming here to take on our horses in the BC Classic.
  3. GhostZapper- By far the fastest horse I have ever seen and was untouchable at any distance.  One for the ages just didn't have the body of work to stamp his greatness. 
Curlin- possibly faced the best three-year-old crop in the past 25 years and stamped his superiority with Preakness, JGC, and Classic wins.  His four-year-old competition was a joke but he should have won this year Classic and because of his defeat he drops to fourth.
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