This is an amazing game sometimes.  How the hell does Mine That Bird win the Ky Derby by 6+???

But enough of that, I'm sure we all want to know in advance when Wicked Style will be appearing naked next to the Seabiscuit statue singing bird songs.  I might even drive up to Santa Anita to watch that!!  :)



Animal Planet TV channel has a series called "Jockeys".  They show it on Friday nights.  Tonight they're showing all four episodes shown so far.  It's pretty good--realistic.  It focuses on Mike Smith and Chantal Sutherland, Aaron Gryder, and a couple of apprentices including Kayla Stra.


Rave:   I've seen a few of your posts now on Trevor Denman's race calling.  And frankly none of them have made an sense to me.  This most recent one certainly fits that category.  Denman is BY FAR the best race caller I've ever heard.  He's accurate 99% of the time, he's entertaining, and most importantly, he provides accurate information as to how the race is being run.  Perhaps for some reason you prefer just to know who's running first, second, third, etc., but most of us enjoy his comments on how a horse is running during the race--which he does with uncanny accuracy.


Mr. Plonk you should be ashamed of yourself.  Your post below on Desormeaux is the biggest piece of output from the end of male bovine that I've seen for a long time.  If you are going to make a post a detrimental to someone as you did below, you should at least try to understand the situation.  Two things:

1.  Big Brown's incident down the stretch the first time was not a function of Kent's "choking" as you state, but rather of Big Brown's demeanor and behavior yesterday.  To state otherwise is the same foolishness that we see in more ignorant writers.

2.  Even if you THINK his judgement down the stretch was faulty, this extremely minor incident had little or no influence on the outcome of the Belmont.  Do you really think BB would have won if he were in the clear?  Can you really think that when Kent asked him into the last turn and "had no horse" that he would have taken off and won as you insinuate?

 This is foolishness of the highest order, and you should be ashamed.



Knock It Off

OK, D-T-S Dan, so Rave makes a mistake now and then, how about a post that isn't just a negative rant?  Something that might  actually be of help to fellow horseplayers....

 And, OBTW, I seem to recall that you're the same guy who told us that everyone who thought Big Brown would be the favorite for the Ky Dby was an idiot and GUARANTEED that Colonel John would go favored.

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